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Our Angels

SW'12'14 SC (N) Du Monet Prince of Persia, JW, DSM, PER e

Breeder: Jannikke M Orø


GIP SC (N) Misty City Glam, PER fs 03

Breeder: M.A Sundby





SC Redfire Night Wish , PER n

Breeder: Hugo Pedro

Living as a spoiled Diva with our friends, Åse & Eilif Solberg


PR SC FI*Mimosan Remix Edition, DSM , PER f

Breeder Veikko Saarela

Living as a true Diva with her soulmate, Ingunn E. Nitter Nerland & Eirik Heggset


CH IT*Welcome Faith, aka Saga. PER f

Living as a spoiled baby with my daughter, Alexandra.

Breeder: Vita Motolese



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